We would like to introduce you to our friend and associate, Ricky Suttington.  Ricky has encountered a series of obstacles throughout his life, and as a result has found it difficult to establish meaningful employment. 

The purpose of this website is to cast light on Ricky’s true self by sharing his personal story as well as testimonials from business and community leaders that know both his character and work ethic first-hand.

The details of Ricky’s story are shared to provide context related to information within the sex offender registry readily accessible through web search and back-ground checks.

True to his nature, Ricky has chosen to protect the identities of those that have wronged him. In fact, Ricky’s circle of family and friends may be unaware of certain details contained in his story.

Ricky is open to new job opportunities in which he can leverage his key strengths, including organization and attention to detail. With his successful track record of managing multiple projects simultaneously, Ricky is a strong candidate for a project management role.