Ricky participated in Arts in Prison programs at Lansing Correctional Facility. He has always embodied our mission and values. Ricky was quick to find a way to fit in and to create opportunities for others.

Ricky has great administrative and organizational skills which we utilized by making him wardrobe master for our Shakespeare program. In this capacity Ricky was responsible for costume pieces, managing the dressing room, and placing props. Ricky fulfilled this role until his release. Ricky participated in other programs- debate to perfect critical thinking, improv to practice thinking on his feet, and public speaking. Ricky not only participated but encouraged others to do so as well giving them the opportunity to connect to their best selves, find their voice and contribute to their community in a positive way.

Ricky continues to be active with our organization. He helps with events and assists with former inmates making their return to society. Ricky is an asset to Arts in Prison, to men and women returning from incarceration and to the greater Kansas City area. He is a hard worker and a clear thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset. It is what I value about working with him second only to his talent and tenacity.

Leigh Lynch
Executive Director
Arts in Prison, Inc.