Ricky speaking

We have known Rick Suttington for several years. We first met him in a class on leadership we were teaching a Lansing Correctional Facility when he was an inmate there. In the class he certainly exhibited the qualities of a leader. Then, when that class was completed, Ricky came back as a sort of “trustee,” if you will, and helped us to teach other classes to other groups of inmates.

Since that time, Rick has become a member of the board of directors of One Stop Ministries. He has certainly shown that he loves the Lord and is on a journey to serve the Lord. He has a real passion for helping others. Rick got an award from us for being an “ideal example,” on April 28 2018, an ideal example for former inmates returning to society. Rick willingly shares his time and talent with One Stop Ministries. He is a great team player.

Rick is loyal, dependable, and he is brilliant. We are especially impressed with his critical thinking skills. He brings us a different perspective and he is a valuable member of our board. Ricky has shown himself to be a go-getter. Ricky has a lot of input in organizing and setting up programs. Ricky has the ability to become an entrepreneur and a community leader.


John Atherton
Corporate Secretary

Gloria Smith
Founder and CEO