Ricky and Mark

Ricky is the type of individual that can be counted on to show up and get the job done.  I have observed first-hand Ricky’s positive and capable approach to work and life and appreciate the passion he displays for both.

I first met Ricky Suttington in 2014 while he was incarcerated within Lansing Correctional Institution.  Ricky served in a leadership capacity for a Prison Fellowship program for which I was a volunteer instructor.  I was struck by the high level of trust and respect that the officer team had for Ricky, and with the level of responsibility that the program’s civilian leadership had entrusted him.

After getting to know Ricky, I volunteered to serve as his mentor within Prison Fellowship’s Inner Freedom Initiative.  I worked with him for approximately one-year prior to his release, and continued as Ricky’s mentor for several years following his release.  Ricky consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to self-improvement along with a passion for helping others.  While I no longer serve as his mentor in an official capacity, our friendship and regular communications continue to this day.

I strongly believe that Ricky’s incarceration was due to social-economic and racial prejudices that are innate within the criminal justice system.  With that said, I’m inspired by Ricky’s positive attitude and his unwillingness to blame the system or others for his personal hardships.

Trust me; you will not regret placing your trust in Ricky.


Mark Cosby
Senior Manager
Evergy Energy Solutions